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Marketing nonsense of the week

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10 January 2012 14:49

Well done BPP University College. Not content with being the UK's newest university with a 35 year heritage of professional education and "excellence" and "innovation" etc etc, the revered institution has now gone and got itself a brand new logo. A cartoon lion in the shape of an heraldic shield, the sort of thing you probably find in Microsoft Word's clip-art library. If you were looking in 1995.

This - according to the trendy types who designed it and the focus groups of staff who had to approve it - is going to give BPP instant international gravitas and make it attractive to all those wealthy bonkers desperate prepared to hand over thousands for a prettily-embossed certificate.  It's definitely not a dumbed down version of the New York Public Library logo, with all the style sucked out of it. And it's certainly not naff and childish, like a box of Frosties. And it almost completely doesn't look like Battlecat from He-Man.

Can this really have cost £300,000?

Of course pointless, costly and laughable rebrands are all the rage amongst law firms. And they always provoke the same reaction - a big nothing. Who can forget Travers Smith Braithwaite's era-defining decision to drop the Braithwaite? Presumably just Mr Braithwaite himself.

And no-one in their right mind could fail to remember the glorious day on which Nabarro Nathanson became plain old Nabarro. And that's before we've even got on to the disastrous thrilling rebrand of Lawrence Graham to just LG. What of Mayer Brown - formerly known as Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw. Anyone for Ashurst Morris Crisp?

So will BPP break the rebranding mold, and make this a success? Will the wealthy families of India and China see a stylised lion on a shield and immediately turn out their pockets to send their kids to a grotty classroom in Waterloo? Here's what BPP itself has to say:

"As our offering continues to expand, we felt it was a good time to move towards a logo that better reflects the diversity of our student and customer base, which can range from UK school leavers to senior business professionals. We believe our new logo achieves this, combining as it does the gravitas of a heraldic shield with the modernity of a relative newcomer in the higher education sector."


Whut? Amazingly, there's even more terrible nonsense spouted here.

Discussion has sparkled on BPP's Facebook page. Where it has been revealed that the rebrand - with accompanying new website and other such guff - may have cost an extraordinary £300,000. Still, that's only 19 students' LPC fees, so pocket change, really.



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anonymous user
11/01/2012 10:50
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TBF, The College of Law's rebrand didn't do much better.
anonymous user
13/01/2012 11:54
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Looks like a lion trying to get through a cat flap.