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Looking after Ourselves over Christmas
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23 December 2016
The build-up to Christmas is hectic, with the rush to get work finished off, the parties and the last minute shopping. All these activities can leave us feeling stressed and tired before the festivities have even properly begun.

It is important that we think about our wellbeing at this time of the year, to make sure we get the most out of time off at Christmas, and to have a good break, ready to start the new year feeling refreshed.
What do we mean when we talk about wellbeing? Wellbeing is subjective and it means different things to different people, but it’s about how we feel, how we think, our relationships, and how we find meaning and purpose in our lives.

It’s important we remind ourselves that Christmas doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’ or ‘just like it was last year’. As families grow and children leave home, traditions and rituals can change. Accepting family and friends as they are, even if they don’t live up to all of our expectations, may help with managing any underlying tensions. A happy, relaxed Christmas will add to our wellbeing, and give a positive start to the New Year. 

LawCare, the charity that promotes and supports wellbeing in the legal community, has some advice about how to get the most out of the holidays:
Try to take some time off 
Screen calls and switch off the mobile. Don’t take calls from the office
Try to resist the urge to check email or only check email once a day. 
If colleagues are keeping an eye on things, give them a good briefing
Enjoy spending time with family and friends
Relax and use the time off to catch up with old friends, get outside and have fun

However, at LawCare, we know that for some, the holidays can be a difficult time. If the thought of Christmas is causing concern and you need to talk, call our free, independent and confidential Helpline. It is open throughout the holiday period, including Christmas Day.
Call 0800 279 6888 or go to
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Finding Passion for the Profession
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29 August 2015
From where I sit it’s easy to have a very jaded view of the legal profession. Callers to the LawCare helpline often have some real horror stories about how badly they are treated at work. We have heard from someone who wasn’t permitted time off to attend his father’s funeral, and a newly qualified solicitor who joined a firm only to be told by her supervisor, “I am going to break you,” and was then relentlessly bullied and belittled to the point of breakdown.

So it’s particularly nice when I find people working in the legal profession who are contented in their jobs, and have a real passion for what they do. Today I had an email conversation with a very friendly and helpful lady in a large London firm which is supporting LawCare’s work. I have also “met” several people through LawCare’s Twitter feed who really have the vision of what an effective and efficient legal profession could be. And of course Roll On Friday reminds me that there is a lighter side to the legal community.

So thanks to all those lawyers out there who remind me that not everyone who works in law is stressed or unhappy. (But if you are going through a rough patch, remember that LawCare is here for you – 0800 279 6888

Anna Buttimore, LawCare Administrator

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