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Blog Name: James' blog

Exclusive: Bungling Daily Mail confuses lawyer with face-tattooed gang member
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02 August 2017
The Daily Mail has confused a lawyer with a face-tattooed motorbike gang member.

The strange mistake was made in a story about New Zealand lawyer Steven Welch Rollo, who was recently convicted of possessing methamphetamine. One of Rollo's former clients was Dennis Makalio, a heavily tattooed Kiwi gang member of the 'Mongrel Mob'.

And that was all it took for the Daily Mail to produce an exciting story about a "face-tattoed bikie lawyer":


The Mail's reporter made her claims about the state of Rollo's face on the basis of a photograph which has been used to illustrate other stories about the lawyer's meth downfall. On the left, it depicts an addled-looking gentleman sporting a Mohawk-mullet combo who is wearing a well-used camo vest and has a face full of tattoos. On the right, a man in a suit.


Rollo is of course the man who doesn't look like he's wandered out of Mad Max.

To be fair to the Daily Mail, these mistakes can happen when you're under pressure to knock out 25,000 click-bait articles a day. Or maybe the Mail's lawyers have led the journalist to make assumptions.
The Daily Mail's legal team arrive at the office. How they look?


For an accurate account of the story, here's RoF's take.

For any lawyers who actually do have a massive face tattoo, various options are available.

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Tenuous law story of the week (there's a mention of aggravated robbery)
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19 July 2017

A 19 year old New Zealand man has complained that he struggled to obtain employment because of a tattoo covering half his face.

  If only it was felt tip

Mark Cropp had previously been serving a two year jail sentence for aggravated robbery.  His cell mate, also his brother, gave him the tattoo after the siblings got inebriated on an alcoholic drink that they had created. Cropp opted for his nickname "Devast8" to be inked on his face, but soon regretted it. The writing was originally supposed to be tiny and just along the jawline but the font size increased massively after the pair had had a skinful.

Cropp looked for a job after being released from prison, but employers said that they wouldn't hire him and laughed at him, right in his unfortunate face. He became devast8ed frustrated at employers being unable to see past the colouring of his skin and posted a photo of himself on a Facebook jobs board saying that he wanted to work. The post received plenty of attention (including "proud of you son" from his Mum in the comments section). Cropp was subsequently inundated with job offers and is due to start work at a scaffolding company next week.

He'll also have the tattoo erased by laser surgery after a local business offered to do it for free. Other options were available:

   He could have tattooed in the gaps

  He could have cultivated a beard in it

  He could have played mind games


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Parked outside Jones Day
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12 July 2017

Jones Day seems to have a habit of attracting flash cars with unusually telling number plates.

There was the solicitor who needs to be reminded what he does for a job:


Then there was the trainee on his first day in the office (who parked in a disabled bay):


And then there was a humble client:


But forget the forgetful lawyer, the trainee Boss and the client Gods, this has to be who staff have been most pleased to welcome to the office:


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Desperate marketing of the week
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13 April 2017

Law firm Lester Aldridge has delightfully used a headline grabbing story about former Spice girl Mel B allegedly being subjected to domestic abuse, in order to promote its family law services: 


The firm may have taken a leaf out of the cynical marketing manual of Cook & Co, Irwin Mitchell or Slater & Gordon.

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Allen & Overy retains 82% of its trainees
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07 March 2017

Allen & Overy will keep on 82% of its Spring-qualifying trainees. The Magic Circle firm has made offers to 32 of its 38 trainees, of which 31 have accepted.

Although 82% is a respectable retention rate, it's slightly lower than the firm has achieved over the last couple of years. It kept on 86% last autumn, 91% last spring, 86% in autumn 2015 and 93% in spring 2015. The firm has consciously shrunk its intake over that period, with 38 trainees in the current March cohort compared with its brood of 46 trainees two years ago.

The trainees will qualify on £78,500. Which is decent wedge, though £6.5k less than peers at Freshfields and Clifford Chance, and like the rest of the Magic Circle not in the same ballpark as US firms. 

The firm put in a so-so performance in the RollOnFriday Firm of the Year survey coming 34th out of the 66 firms, with a score of 66%. It has its perks. One respondent from A&O said "it's rare that you come across lawyers on the other side who are better than you and your colleagues".


An A&O lawyer taking your call, yesterday
The retention rate table as it stands:

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Silly things seen on the commute
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20 January 2017
For a break from Trump, Brexit and KWM, here are some silly things that I've spotted in London town:

  Flatulence-inducing Spanish cuisine

  Furniture to make you chunder

  And times are tough for one firm 
To be fair, Dentons isn't the only firm to feel the pinch.
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Marvellous names in law
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22 December 2016

We’ve been sent some names of lawyers that deserve to be celebrated.

First, the delightfully named Cupcake Brown. And much like a vegetable character in a children's book there's Hugh Cumber at Five Stone Buildings

A less fortunate name on the letterhead is Shayne Strukoff at Gowling WLG.

Brookfield has an in-house lawyer called Justin Beber. Whilst at Orrick, there's Lisa Simpson

Who wouldn't want to share their name with the pop pipsqueek


As for law firms, you can follow the adventures of Rupert Bear Murray Davies.

Whilst Wright Hassell is well known, other dodgy firm names include Swindell & Pearson, Shaidy & Co and Tosswill & Co. Although Godloves Solicitors optimistically suggests that there's redemption for all.

Finally, Royds should be pumped to get a mention.

If you know any other excellent names in the legal profession, do add in the comments below, or let us know here.

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Social media spots of the week
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22 December 2016
Important updates on social media this week.

Freshfields gets mistaken for Creamfields
Meanwhile at HogLove Singapore, a firm-branded football simulator. What.

The crowd go mild

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Legal lookalikes. Meet the lawyers who look like slebs.
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15 December 2016
The latest round-up of the best doppelgangers in law are here.  You never see them in the same room together:

 John Papanichola,Slaughter and May
 Dara O'Briain


 Henning Sieber, Greenberg Traurig  
 Jamie Lee Curtis


William Poynter, Kaleo Legal 
 Pee-Wee Herman


Neil Maybury, Setfords Solicitors

  Roy Hodgson


 Anthony Lennox, BLP

 Max Beesley


 Gabriel Moss QC, South Square

 The Count from Sesame Street


 Steve Wiltshire, Shoosmiths

 Alan Shearer


 Christina Spencer, Mayo Wynne Baxter
 The Duchess of Cambridge

 Charles Kellett, Drystone Chambers  
  Anthony Hopkins

  Dr Georg Lohr. Lohr Patent  
  Herr Lipp from League of Gentlemen    

Lord Sumption
  Rowley Birkin from The Fast Show    

 Darryl Warwick, Armstrong Watson
 Squirrel from Ice Age

And there are more here.

Any submissions for next year, email

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DWF's grammar howler
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02 November 2016
DWF gets a D or F for grammar:

The first test on the vacation scheme is to proofread the website


A spokeswoman for the firm said “We’ve told you we’re different, now ‘your’ able to see it for yourself!

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