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Do lawyers have what it takes to go on the run?

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30 March 2017 15:45

Hi all,

I have been given permission by Roll On Friday to post this blog.

I’m working on the new series of Channel 4’s Hunted.
The series follows a number of people as they try to go off grid and become fugitives in the UK and evade capture from a team of expert trackers. We’re looking for people to apply who will give the Hunters a real run for their money and I thought that some of you might be interested in applying… You can go it alone or with friends, family or colleagues.

A prize of £100,000 will be shared equally between the fugitives who successfully evade capture and
e will cover reasonable pre-agreed loss of earnings for everyone who participates.

Visit for more information and to fill in the application.

The closing date for applications is Friday 7
th April and you must be 18+ in order to apply to take part in the series.

Many thanks!



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