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Exclusive: William Boss in conspicuous mea culpa

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03 March 2017 10:57
William Boss, the former European Managing Partner of KWM, is clearly trying to atone for his role in the collapse of the firm.

During Boss's tenure the London office pretty much disintegrated. On realising this he decided to do the decent thing, stay in the role and try and shore up the ship. Nah, not really. He resigned after only 10 months, handing over one of the biggest hospital passes in the history of the profession. He still remained in the partnership (a chap's got to eat, after all), until the firm's demise became inevitable and he jumped ship to Addleshaws.

    Boss. How he might have looked.

He is now safely ensconced there on lots of dollar, although presumably rather sweatily waiting to see if the SRA will get off its arse and have a pop at him and his ilk. And in the manner of a mediaeval monarch publicly making the pilgrimage to Santiago on his knees is showing his contrition and purity of soul. An insider says that he "has very recently (and conspicuously) signed himself up to a pro-bono legal advice centre initiative at Addleshaw Goddard  - their "Springfield Advice Centre" run from Springfield Methodist Church in Stockwell on Tuesdays. Presumably ex-KWM lawyers and support staff will be keen to know that they can drop in for some free legal advice on their mortgage arrears from one of the sods who caused their woes in the first place."



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anonymous user
03/03/2017 17:47
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What a Kaaaaaant.
anonymous user
07/03/2017 11:38
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"purity of soul" lol