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Brexit - The Lord Chancellor starts growing a spine

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24 January 2017 12:01
The Supreme Court held this morning that Parliament will have to be granted a vote before Article 50 is invoked. Here's a handy cut-out-and-keep crib sheet from Will Richmond-Coggan of Pitmans on the impact of the ruling.

The Daily Mail went absolutely mental when the judgment in the lower court was handed down, branding the judges "enemies of the people" and banging on about them having gone to Oxbridge, or living in nice houses, or being gay. Liz Truss, the Lord Chancellor, shamefully failed to provide a meaningful response and stand up for the judiciary.

This morning there were signs that she was finally taking her job more seriously. Her office issued the following statement:

"Our independent judiciary is the cornerstone of the rule of law and is vital to our constitution and our freedoms. The reputation of our judiciary is unrivalled the world over, and our Supreme Court justices are people of integrity and impartiality.

While we may not always agree with judgments, it is a fundamental part of any thriving democracy that legal process is followed. The government has been clear that it will respect the decision of the court."

The Daily Mail obviously doesn't agree. This is its spittle flecked copy straight after the judgment:


The dire consequences of the highest court in the land doing its job and ruling on a point of constitutional law were made clear in the comments under the article:


And apparently the entire rule of law has collapsed:


There will be no prizes for guessing the headline in Der Sturmer The Mail tomorrow. But it will be very interesting to see if The Lord Chancellor decides to take the paper to task over it. Watch this space.



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