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North Korea comic break

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21 September 2016 13:23

Last night it was the RollOnFriday annual party and today light is stabbing our brains through our eyes with pencils. But also last night, an IT flunkey in North Korea accidentally opened up the country's internet to the world. Today he or she is busy being shredded by an anti-aircraft gun somewhere, but at least we now know that the Hermit Kingdom only has 28 websites.

Although most are no longer accessible, a couple of the news sites, of which there are several, were still accessible this morning. Either Google's North Korean is rusty, or the editor of takes more LSD than his despicable human scum western counterparts.

Another news site proved that the great tradition of photographing the current dictator looking at things lives on. Its home page is comprised solely of photo galleries depicting Kim Jong-Un touring factories, fields and military installations while terrified factotums grin, clap and wield notepads with which to record the chubby titan's every word.

It must be intoxicating to go from a regular to a Caligula overnight, but the dear respected leader probably has doubts and fears, too. In fact, because I am very hungover and couldn't face doing anything else this morning, here they are:



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