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Judgment of the week - accidental mooning

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15 May 2012 15:37
Thanks to the reader who sent in a recent Irish Employment Tribunal decision.

A civil servant unsuccessfully went after the government department which employs him. It's all a bit of a sad tale - he's bi-polar, hasn't been promoted in 37 years and reckons it's all down to his condition. But in the midst of this gloom, a shaft of light appears:

"The claimant's trousers accidentally fell down while he was leaning over to correct a blind. This mishap resulted in a completely accidental exposure of the complainant's bare buttocks. The complainant submitted that he had forgotten to wear underpants that day due to his stay in hospital. The complainant denied that he made any disparaging remarks about the manager to him or that he scrached his behind while standing there with his nether regions exposed."

    Some civil servants yesterday

Other points of note include the complainant asserting that "Dustin the Turkey" could do a better job of managing him, that he "sometimes took a short nap at his desk particularly after a heavy lunch", and that "everybody sings to themselves now and then and that he is no exception".



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