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Exclusive - 80% of Ashurst's secretaries at risk of redundancy

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30 April 2018 11:30
RollOnFriday has just been told that up to 80% of the secretaries at Ashurst's London office are to be made redundant.

Law firm secretarial positions have long been vulnerable to the relentless advance of AI, off shoring, near shoring, partners being forced to answer their own emails etc.. But 80%? That's brutal.

    Yes, it can take dictation, but can it screen calls from irate clients?

Apparently the announcement is planned for Thursday. As the consultation has not yet started the firm wasn't able to comment, but we should have more information by the end of the week. Read more on Friday.



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anonymous user
04/05/2018 18:56
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ask dentons about their asking volunteer secretaries to take redundancy across all offices