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More legal lookalikes

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05 December 2017 18:45
Long-lost twins reunite in the latest gallery of legal lookalikes.
   Avi Luft. Cleary Gottlieb
  Louis Litt. Suits

   David Wallace Wilson. Schellenberg Wittmer
   Where's Wally?

   Dr Katalin Szamosi. SBGK
   Joan Collins

   Thomas Rozsa. Rozsa Law Group
   Silvio Berlusconi

  Jonathan Webb. Cook & Co
   A cleaning utensil

There's other mug shots of legal lookalikes here and here.

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anonymous user
05/12/2017 16:47
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another Wally:
anonymous user
06/12/2017 22:00
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Rofl at the last one
anonymous user
08/12/2017 16:14
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That Louis Litt one bears an uncanny resemblance