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Legal lookalikes. Meet the lawyers who look like slebs.

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15 December 2016 14:50
The latest round-up of the best doppelgangers in law are here.  You never see them in the same room together:

 John Papanichola,Slaughter and May
 Dara O'Briain


 Henning Sieber, Greenberg Traurig  
 Jamie Lee Curtis


William Poynter, Kaleo Legal 
 Pee-Wee Herman


Neil Maybury, Setfords Solicitors

  Roy Hodgson


 Anthony Lennox, BLP

 Max Beesley


 Gabriel Moss QC, South Square

 The Count from Sesame Street


 Steve Wiltshire, Shoosmiths

 Alan Shearer


 Christina Spencer, Mayo Wynne Baxter
 The Duchess of Cambridge

 Charles Kellett, Drystone Chambers  
  Anthony Hopkins

  Dr Georg Lohr. Lohr Patent  
  Herr Lipp from League of Gentlemen    

Lord Sumption
  Rowley Birkin from The Fast Show    

 Darryl Warwick, Armstrong Watson
 Squirrel from Ice Age

And there are more here.

Any submissions for next year, email



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anonymous user
09/12/2016 10:24
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The Squirrel's name is Scrat.
anonymous user
09/12/2016 13:01
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anonymous user
09/12/2016 20:11
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The Alan Shearer lookalike looks more like Alan Shearer than Alan Shearer
anonymous user
18/12/2016 13:58
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Steve Wiltshire looks like a combination of Shearer and Joe Hart.
anonymous user
02/01/2017 08:28
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Love the Herr Lipp one.