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Woman steals lawyer's identity and opens her own law office

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13 January 2015 16:07

A woman from Utah has been arrested and charged with identify theft after she stole a lawyer’s identity and represented a client in court.

Karla Carbo, 29, posed as real lawyer Karla Stirling when she represented a client on a theft matter in a district court in Utah, stealing Stirling’s bar number. But it’s probably not the first time, as police say that Carbo has appeared in several court proceedings, representing herself as a qualified lawyer. It is also alleged that she opened her own practice and hired a man who recently passed the bar to work for her. She was rumbled when the district court contacted Stirling in relation to the theft matter, and Stirling had no idea what they were on about.


The fake and real Stirling.
At least they both share the same Christian name. 

Stirling, a business lawyer who practices in California, told Deseret News that she’s never done criminal work and “there shouldn’t be any court files with my name or my bar number in Utah whatsoever”. She added, “it’s been shocking to hear that there’s been somebody else whose [sic] doing this with my name and my bar number”.

Carbo is charged with one count of identity theft, two counts of forgery and one count of communications fraud. She is being held at Summit County Jail, with bail set at $25,000. 


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