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Former Linklaters paralegal jailed for defrauding the firm out of £86,000

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08 September 2014 17:14

A paralegal who worked at Linklaters for over ten years has today been jailed for 12 months after he admitted fleecing the firm out of £86,000.

Raza Kanval, 36, fraudulently photocopied a number of signed invoices to benefit his friend, Karim Rashid, who was paid twice for the work his company did for Linklaters. Rashid’s business DK Dimensions Ltd was struggling, and at Linklaters’ expense Kanval thought he’d throw him a life line. But it backfired as Rashid blew it on gambling and socialising.

    "I knew I should have put it on 17 black"

Kanval was suspended from the magic circle firm in March 2012 and was dismissed later that year. He admitted one charge of fraud at the Old Bailey. A Linklaters spokesman said “we now regard the matter closed and have no further comment to make”. 


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