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Drunk lawyer convicted of assaulting police officers
21 April 2017
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A Sydney lawyer has been convicted of assaulting a police officer and also barred from entering 225 pubs and bars in the city.

Leon Monastirski, who runs Sydney boutique law firm Astir Associates, had been drunk in a Thai restaurant and disturbed customers by walking between tables and trying to put a set of headphones on diners as they ate.

The police were called, but Monastirski swore at them when they arrived, flicked the middle finger, tried to punch one of them and pulled the lawyer card saying "you're not real cops, I'm going to have you discharged from your duties as police, I'm a lawyer". When Monastirski was arrested and carted into a police van he made a bizarre threat saying "I'm a lawyer, I'm going make you all eat shit, I will make you eat my shit".

  Monastirski,doesn't like to take sh*t, but happy to give it out

Monastirski was hauled before a tribunal and convicted of assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. The tribunal also slapped the lawyer with a AUS $700 fine and put on a good behaviour bond.

A New South Wales police commissioner took matters further and obtained an order to ban Monastirski from entering 225 pubs and bars in the Sydney central business district and Kings Cross for a year. The lawyer challenged the order in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, and has now had the ban reduced to three months. He will also appeal the criminal conviction charges.


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