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Former lawyer held by police on drug trafficking charges
17 March 2017
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A former criminal lawyer in Australia has spent five days in a police watch house on drug trafficking charges.

Briana Ioannides was arrested at the beginning of this month after police raided her car in Queensland. The former lawyer was known to officers as she was already on bail for drugs, weapons and bail breach charges. Ioannides was first arrested in November 2015 during an alleged drug and gun bust at her home, and since then police have arrested her for several other alleged drug-related offences.

The former lawyer applied for bail following her most recent brush with the law. Her lawyer Chris Hannay told the court that Ioannides had an issue with drugs, but was due to start counselling this month, adding that "she needs to be able to pursue rehabilitation".  Police opposed bail saying that there was an "unacceptable risk" of Ioannides re-offending.

  Ioannides would appear in front of a judge again
The court granted Ioannides bail with strict conditions stating that she must reside with her father, adhere to a curfew, attend counselling and submit to random drug charges.

Ioannides was working as a criminal lawyer at Queensland firm Gatenby Lawyers when she was first arrested in 2015.


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