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In-house counsel blast lawyers who act like they're on the Apprentice
23 December 2016
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In-house lawyers have been filling in RollOnFriday's survey to reveal the firms that have been getting things right, and those that haven't.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, brash lawyers are getting some stick. One in-houser instructed a firm with associates who spoke like they were on the Apprentice TV show and boasted "awesome business skillz". However when the client asked them to provide legal advice rather than design a new brand of sausage, they failed to impress. Other firms were criticised for lacking conviction. One in-house counsel complained about a "managing associate who had the confidence and commercial acumen of a hamster".

Respondents also lambasted firms for shoddy billing. A city firm was singled out for "submitting a fairly large bill to us with no breakdown" which "went down like a sack of the proverbial".

As for perks, one in-house lawyer has had enough of breakfast events where they are "chased round the buffet by partners and associates at 8.30am" looking to "talk shop". But the RollOnFriday award for most inappropriate hospitality goes to a firm in Dubai who offered a client, erm, prostitutes. The client "politely declined".

"I'd prefer tickets to Wimbledon"
It wasn't all bad. One in-house counsel said BLP lawyers "really know their stuff", adding that they would happily "have a pint with them after a late night working which tells you all you need to know".

And a respondent heaped praise on a partner and associate at one firm who sent  "a massive pack of stuff" to a child with cancer, known to the client.  The lawyers personalised the pack, and invited the child to the office when she was better. The client said that this wasn't done as "marketing" but simply because the lawyers were "being human".

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