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Malaysian law student in hot water over naked blog
19 October 2012
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Malaysian law student Alvin Tan Jye Yee is facing a disciplinary investigation at the National University of Singapore (NUS) after posting explicit photos of himself and his girlfriend on his blog.

The 24-year old was studying for his law degree and receiving financial support through the Asean Scholarship. In his spare time he also ran a blog called Sumptuous Erotica (most definitely NSFW). As the title might suggest the blog was less about law and more about naked photos. Jye Yee explained the motivation behind his extra-curricular activities: "my girlfriend had the idea of taking nude photos. After taking more and more photos, we started to want some sort of recognition for our work so we uploaded them on Facebook but we blurred out the critical parts."

    Alvin taking time out from his law studies yesterday

The couple certainly have recognition now, but perhaps not the kind they were after. Jye Yee has been suspended from university and faces losing his scholarship. And he's been ordered before a disciplinary board to explain his actions. Jye Yee could also find himself on the wrong side of Singapore's film censorship laws, which tend to take a rather dim view of erotic content.

A spokesman for the NUS said "This is not a reflection of all our scholars, most of whom are accomplished students making a meaningful contribution to the NUS community".


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anonymous user
22/10/2012 14:55
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Wow. Just, wow. Talk about not giving a damn about your future. Yeah, spend all that time getting into law school then just screw it all up. Totally worth it. I'd like to think the problem of idiocy is a foreign issue, but it seems like there are idiots everywhere in the world, including the US:
anonymous user
23/10/2012 13:02
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Ha, how dim.

"my girlfriend had the idea of taking nude photos." - imagine him sitting there thinking "Oh yes, what a brilliant idea. Let's upload it to facebook so we can recognition"...

Silly boy.

On the bright side, he might have a career in the adult entertainment industry if law doesn't work out?

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